This week's MOBA Monday game is League of Legends, so I thought I'd throw this handy-dandy list together to discuss the major differences between the two games.

General Gameplay:
1. There is no creep-denial in League. You only have to focus on killing the opponent's creeps for money.
2. Each champion has 4 spells, just like DOTA, that are bound to QWER. League ALSO, however, has two additional "Summoner Spells" bound to D and F. These are external-powers (as in, they don't "come from" your champion) that affect your character. An example would be the "Flash" spell which causes your champion to jump a short-distance to your cursor. This can be used to close the gap on another champion, or to jump over walls and escape.
3. "Bounties" work differently. You still get more money if you end somebody's killing spree, but the person doesn't LOSE money when they die like they do in DOTA.
4. You can beef up your spells in League to do more damage. There are two types: AD (Attack Damage) and AP (Ability Power). The more ability power you have, the more damage your spells do. Some abilities scale on Attack Damage, and others scale on both. How much additional damage your spells do will be listed in parenthesis on the tooltip of the spell.
5. There is a way to "Portal Back" or "Back" quickly to the home base. By pushing "B" (who would have thought?) your hero will begin channeling a spell that will teleport them back (as long as you don't get interupted by attacks). Unlike in DOTA, this is completely free and can be used as a way to heal up quickly.
6. Each player gets a free "trinket" item to start with. There is a temporary ward, a scanner (that reveals invisible wards that you can kill), and an item that reveals a target area for a certain amount of time.

1. There is a "reinforced metagame" in League that is similar to DOTA's. Typically it is: a top lane carry / tank, a middle assassin or mage, a jungler, a bottom ranged carry, and a bottom support to help the carry.
2. For supports, there are specific "support items" that can be used to maintain a supply of money when certain conditions are met (since supports typically buy wards and focus on keeping the ranged carry alive and aren't supposed to "steal" minions for themselves). For example, there's an item that gives you 3-5 gold whenever an enemy minion dies near you.

1. League is a more spell-oriented game. In DOTA, it's usually bad to waste spells on minions/creeps because of the limited amount of mana, but the same rule doesn't apply in League. Some champions don't even USE mana!
2. Movement is much more fluid in League. In DOTA, it takes time for champions to turn and move— especially as ranged. In League, this makes things like kiting an option— you can "outrun" melee champions by shooting slows behind you.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

PS: for those participating tonight who are new, please complete the tutorial and necessary AI matches beforehand (the tutorial should run all of 10 minutes at most).


Image by Riot Games.