Long story short it was horrible until round 2.

For those of you not familiar with MOBAs some have a more competitive ranking based level for match making.

League of Legends has had it for quite some time now with all the different league ranks you could achieve for a given season and what not.

Dota 2 added ranked matches earlier this year so players would have a way to measure another players MMR (Matchmaking Rank) the higher it is the better of a player you appear to be.

There are two types of MMR:

Solo: Where you have no one entering a game with that you know of in a party so like friends or what not.
Party: Where you hopefully play with friends in order to work together and perform better as opposed to putting your rating on the line with a bunch of randoms who may not even speak your language so all you can do is ping or use the chat wheel to try and convey warnings or when you are going to gank or to run away due to danger.


Inorder to get your MMR ranking for either solo or party you must first play three matches of that particular type. So for me do to some great Tayer I play dota with I only have 4 more matches to go before I get my Party MMR number. However Solo is another story altogether which I plan to tell you all about as soon as I take the bread out of the oven.


So last night or morning around 3 AM I am fiending for some dota 2 so I hope on of course none of my buddies are around so I finally decide to take the plunge into the Solo ranked matches I mean it can't be that bad right...


I was way past wrong. My first match I picked support Crystal Maiden just tryna keep my cool and all. playing a support character is a normal and enjoyable roll for me. unfortunately our team had 3 carries all ranged... against

Just look at this...


Our lovely Zeus was upset that sniper wanted to be mid so he INTENTIONALLY FED the Slardar until sniper got out of mid Lane. FIVE free kills to anyone early game give a significant gold advantage! sniper eventually left ,id lane after Zeus fed and repeatedly said "FUCK YOU I FEED OR ME MID!" over the game chat repeatedly. Now I don't make a habit of reporting players but for that Zeus I made a special occasion.

After that about 10 minutes our fates were already sealed but we still managed to hold out for about 42 minutes. Before they got mega creeps and proceeded to try and kill us in our own camp.

Man them MOBA communities. I feel bad for the Clinkz and Earth spirit that did not speak English to see the stupidity but envied at the same time they must have thought wow Zeus must be bad he keeps dying unaware he was making us lose on purpose.


So I tried another match and well it went beautifully.

Again as Crystal Maiden we had a great line up me and Legion Commander top. Shadow Fiend mid, with Lina and Disrupter bottom. we just worked well everyone marked targets, ganked and, listened when to get back.

It was beautiful and cleaned the bad taste from my first match out of my dota 2 mouth. I commended my whole team for great teamwork and being nice.


Dat screen tho

I will do more in the future I would like to know my MMR ranking hell I am even feeling a bit competitive. Soon dota now I must go take my roasted carrots out of the oven. Until next time.