10. I understand razor a lot more. I used to try to stack damage items on him but with static link you can safely buff him up with armor or health and not have to worry about damage. (Even though he pulled a sub 50% win rate he's still a better hero than I gave him credit for)

9. Smoke is your friend.

8. Before horn Roshan is possibe with enigma eidolons, NP treants, Luna, Beastmaster, and one other.

7. If you're playing in TI4 - it's probably not a great idea to do so.

6. Supports shouldn't balk at buying wards/sentries. The money you'll make/save from having map control is invaluable. Aggressively counterwarding is clutch.

5. If you're buying a gem and you're scared to lose it because you'll never get it back, then it's already too late to be buying a gem.


4. Morphling shotgun build (Building an ethereal blade to maximize Adaptive Strike damage potential) is the single scariest thing in DOTA 2.

3. If you see the other team has picked shadow demon and Leshrac, and they're a team known for roaming early levels - don't level Mana Break first on Anti Mage.

2. Bruno wears the worst suits in the history of mankind but still manages to make the other 3 casters look like doofuses.


1. Vici gaming are the most humorless, uninteresting team at TI4. GO NEWBEE!!!!