Gigantic Beta Shows Big Potential But Still Has Small Problems

While Overwatch may be the big beta everyone is clamoring about, I recently got an invite to another MOBA inspired game. Gigantic is studio Motiga’s take on the popular multiplayer battle-arena style game, and I’m happy to say it’s a good take. It’s not without it’s share of problems but overall Gigantic has a good…

Heroes Of The Storm’s New Protoss Warrior Is A Teleporting, Death Ray-Shooting Badass

The Protoss have always been the coolest race in StarCraft. Proud but adaptable, aggressive yet agile, the ornate alien species embodies what’s great about the real-time strategy and MOBA games they inhabit. This week has been exciting in Heroes of the Storm thanks to the introduction of their fearless leader Artanis.

Quick Blip You can unlock Artanis in Heroes of the Storm by prepurchasing Legacy of the Void. Artanis will go on sale in HOTS on October 27th but will be available to LotV preorderers on October 20th. This gives people who pre order a full week to perfect their Artanis playstyle before he goes live.